Meeting Your Electrical Needs

A Nottinghamshire Based Electrical Company Maintaining Your Property’s Systems ANd ensuring ongoing compliance

Look no further than our expert engineers to meet your electrical requests. Offering a range of services including inspecting electrical systems and providing EICR/ Landlord reports to carrying out PAT tests, we provide you a complete electrical service. For further information about our comprehensive list of solutions and our 24-hour call out service, please contact our proficient team in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

What We Do

Depend on our electricians to carry out the following on your property’s electrical systems:

  • Inspection Tests and Certification of Electrical Systems
  • EICR/Landlord Report
  • Installation of All Electrical Systems from an Additional Light or Socket Outlet to a Full Re-Wire of a System
  • Install New Systems and to Extensions and Conservatories 
  • PAT Tests of Portable Appliances 
  • Design and Maintain Electrical Systems 
  • 24-Hour Call Out Service 
  • Maintenance Contracts/ Agreements

Emergency Lighting

Rely on our efficient engineers to design, install and maintain your property’s emergency lighting systems to a BS5266 specification. As part of our convenient service, we offer a complete lighting and maintenance service as well as maintenance agreements, and where possible, our team make savings on existing and new agreements. In relation to this, we also train staff on the necessary daily/weekly/monthly testing process as well as filling out the logbook. You can depend on us to supply emergency lights and testing equipment for your property and for your peace of mind, all our engineers are qualified and experienced in carrying out system tests to the required BS5266 standard.

Fire Alarms

Trained to FIA standards, we ensure all electrical work carried out complies with the BS5839 requirements. We guarantee to save costs on existing and new service agreements/ maintenance contracts. Are your responsible for the maintenance of your property’s fire alarm? Find out here. As we always aim to go the extra mile, we supply fire alarm equipment and testing kits for your property.

Our Fire Alarm Services

Offering a 24-hour call out service and attending to the design, installation and maintenance of all part 1 and part 6 fire alarm systems, we meet your requests. You won’t find a one size fits all approach at our company. Instead we design a fire alarm system to suit your exact specifications.

To help you decide which system is most appropriate for your property, our engineers conduct a fire risk assessment. Our team also offer advice and training on your current system as well as putting a procedure in place to ensure the system is tested weekly. 

Please feel free to contact us about the tailored packages we offer for businesses. As part of our competent and reliable service, we design, install and maintain fire alarm systems to a BS5839-1 and a BS5839-6 specification. Remote monitoring can also be provided.


Get in touch with our proficient team to design, install and maintain a CCTV system in your property. A service/ maintenance agreement can also be provided for your system as well as remote monitoring. If you experience any problems with your CCTV system, don’t panic, as we offer a 24-hour call out service!

Why Do You Need a CCTV system?

The purpose of a CCTV system is to: 

  • Detect Criminal Activity Day and Night
  • Provide Evidence When Required
  • Staff and Public Safety 
  • Possible Savings on Insurance

Intruder Alarm

Protect and secure your property by installing an intruder alarm. Installing wired, wireless or a mix of both systems, we offer you a hassle-free service. Maintenance service/ agreements can also be provided, and we also offer a reliable 24-hour call out service.

Why Do You Need an Intruder Alarm system?

You should install an intruder alarm in your property because they: 

  • Protect Property
  •  Protect Life 
  • Possible Insurance Savings
  • Deter Criminal Activity

Door Entry/ Door Access

Ensure the building of your company is secure by installing a door entry/ access system. You can rely on our skilled team to save you money by offering new and existing maintenance contracts. Plus, within this service, you can also take advantage of our hassle-free 24-hour call out service.

Why Do You Need a Door Access System?

Door access systems have many functions including: 

  • Restrict Access to Your Building or Property 
  • Control and Monitor Personnel 
  • Take Back Control of Your Entry and Exit Routes 
  • Staff Monitoring

electrical work

We carry out electrical installation maintenance and design work to BS7671. 

We carry out EICR/landlord certification/ testing and inspection services/pat testing services/ Part and full rewires / we install to extensions and new buildings we carry out electrical work in the domestic and commercial sectors we install small works too from and additional socket to an outside light.... fault finding service and rectification service. preventative and reactive maintenance.

Contact our engineers in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, to find out more about our electrical services, which includes the maintenance of electrical systems and ongoing compliance.

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